U.S. Personal Shopper

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U.S. Personal Shopper

No credit card? Paying by bank or wire transfer? No problem! 

Your U.S. Personal Shopper will purchase the item for you whenever you face any restrictions shopping directly on a U.S. online store.

Shopping in the USA is hassle-free with our U.S. Personal Shopper.


With our U.S. Personal Shopper, you don’t have to miss out on any clearance sales or latest releases exclusive only in the U.S. 

Here's an easy step-by-step guide to shopping in the U.S. with your U.S. Personal Shopper

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Your U.S. Personal Shopper is available to help you work past any restrictions you may face while shopping on a U.S. site.  Some examples of restrictions you may face: 1. International credit cards are not accepted; 2. Online U.S. shopping sites do not accept bank/wire transfers or money orders; or 3. When an item you want, in a certain size or color, is available in physical stores only.


With our U.S. Personal Shopper, you don’t have to miss out on any clearance sales or latest releases exclusive only in the U.S. 

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Sign Up & Create a Free Account

With your free account, you get your very own US Shipping Express address and access to the U.S. Personal Shopper Service exclusive to our members.  


Creating your account takes less than a minute! 


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All you have to do is send us the website links of items you want our U.S. Personal Shopper to buy for you. 


Please fill out the U.S. Personal Shopper Request Form to request the service.

If you don't know where to start, our U.S. Shopping Site Directory has links to top US shopping sites.

U.S. Personal Shopper Service Fees +

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Our U.S. Personal Shopper team will send you an email with a quote and then invoice your requested items, including applicable service fees and ways to pay.  


You can either confirm your U.S. Personal Shopper request or cancel your request at this stage.  

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We receive your shopping at our warehouse, you can choose shipping method, shipping rate, and speed of delivery here. 


We ship your shopping to your address of choice once the invoice is paid.  Or you have the option to wait and consolidate.

Pro tip: package consolidation helps you save up to 75% off.

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Receive Your U.S. Shopping

You've waited long enough - we know!


One of the best feelings is receiving a package. 


We provide door delivery to most countries, and we work hard to get your package delivered to your door. 

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Hey, here are some resources that may help you to know when using our U.S. Personal Shopper Service.