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Shop in the USA with ease and confidence through our US Personal Shopper Service -


Simple, secure, and stress-free!

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With Ease

US Personal Shopper Service:
Easiest Way to Shop in the U.S. for Shoppers Abroad

No credit card? Paying by bank or wire transfer? No problem! 

Your U.S. Personal Shopper will purchase the item for you whenever you face any restrictions shopping directly on a U.S. online store.

Enjoy shopping in the U.S. with your very own U.S. Personal Shopper.

US Personal Shopper

What is a US Personal Shopper

A US Personal Shopper Service is a service that allows international shoppers to shop in the US without having to worry about restrictions, scams, or fraud.


Our US Personal Shopper team works with you to find the items you want, purchase them and handle all of the shipping and customs paperwork for you.

Shop in the US Safely and Hassle-Free with Our US Personal Shopper Service

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Why is the US Personal Shopper the Best Choice

Shopping in the US from abroad can be frustrating and time-consuming. International shoppers often face several restrictions when shopping online on US shopping sites. Additionally, many encounter online scams or fraudulent websites and lose hundreds of dollars in online theft.

Our US Personal Shopper Service makes it easy and safe for you to shop in the US. We work hard to protect you and your money from imposter scams and fraudulent websites. We also help you work past any restrictions you may face on US shopping.

Top 6 Reasons to Shop in the US with the US Personal Shopper Service

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U.S. Shopping: Online, Phone or In-Store Pick-Up

Our U.S. Personal Shopper service can help you find hard-to-find items in the perfect size and color. We can shop online, by phone, or in-store, and we'll ship your purchase directly to you.

White-Glove, Personal Service

We're known for our exceptional customer support and reliability, and our U.S. personal shopping service is no different. Our team of experienced personal shoppers will work with you to find the perfect items, and we'll handle all of the shipping and customs paperwork for you.

Additional Services at No Extra Cost

Our U.S. Personal Shopper service comes with a whole lot of perks for your convenience - free repacking, storage for up to 30 days, return services and more.

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Expertise and Product Knowledge

Get personalized recommendations based on our extensive product knowledge and U.S. local insights. With our help, you can make informed decisions and ensure you are getting the best possible products and deals.

Consolidated Shipping and Package Forwarding

US Personal Shopper services can help you save money and time on international shipping by consolidating and forwarding packages.

U.S. Shopping & Customer Support Available 24/7

​With our U.S. Personal Shopper service, you won’t have to miss any clearance sales, limited stocks or latest releases exclusive only in the U.S.  

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How to shop in the U.S. with the US Personal Shopper Service

At US Shipping Express, you have access to the best U.S. Personal Shopper Service in the U.S. Experience a one-to-one premium personal shopping concierge in the United States dedicated to international shoppers worldwide. 

The U.S. Personal Shopper Service by US Shipping Express is available 24/7 to help you work past any restrictions you may face while shopping on U.S. shopping sites.  

How It Works

​Here's an easy guide how to shop in the US and ship internationally with the US Personal Shopper

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Sign up, create a free account

With your free account, you get your very own US Shipping Express address and access to the U.S. Personal Shopper Service exclusive to our members.  

Sign up for a free US Shipping Express account hereCreating your account takes less than a minute!

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Request for the US Personal Shopper Service

Fill out the U.S. Personal Shopper Request Form to request the service. All you have to do is send us the website links of items you want our U.S. Personal Shopper to buy for you. 

If you don't know where to start, our directory of top U.S. shopping websites has links you can search through.

The U.S. Personal Shopper Service Fees are available here.

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Confirm Your U.S. Personal Shopper Request

Our U.S. Personal Shopper Service team will send you an email with the invoice of your requested items, including applicable service fees and ways to pay.  


You can either confirm your U.S. Personal Shopper request or cancel your request at this stage. Don't worry you won't be charge for any service fee if you don't push through with your order.

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Choose to Ship or Consolidate

Once we receive your shopping at our warehouse, you can choose shipping method, shipping rate, and speed of delivery here. We ship your shopping to your address of choice once the invoice is paid. 


Or you have the option to wait and consolidate. Learn more about package consolidation helping you save up to 75% off on international shipping costs.

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You've waited long enough - we know!


One of the best feelings is receiving the package from the U.S. that you have been waiting for. 


We provide door delivery to most countries, and we work hard to get your package delivered to your door. 

Experience premium one-to-one U.S. shopping with our US Personal Shopper. We help you shop across many U.S. retailers and online shopping websites, and we ship your purchases worldwide.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the US Personal Shopper Service by US Shipping Express?

The US Personal Shopper is a one-to-one premium U.S. shopping service by U.S. Shipping Express that helps international shoppers buy products from US stores.


Our US Personal Shopper team will find the products you want, purchase the products, navigate the stores, and ship your purchases to you wherever you are in the world.

How do I use US Personal Shopper Service?

It's easy! To use US Personal Shopper Service, simply create an account and submit a request. Our personal shoppers will then take care of the rest.

If you need more info, here's the step-by-step guide.

If the U.S. store does not deliver, does the US Personal Shopper offer in-store shopping or in-store pick up?

Yes, our US Personal Shopper Service includes in-store pick-ups and in-store shopping if your items are not available online.

Or connect with us through WhatsApp or Viber: +1 (415) 760 2780

Can I buy at Apple USA? Does the Apple U.S. store ship internationally? 

No, Apple USA does not ship internationally.



Book the US Personal Shopper Service to shop online on the official Apple U.S. store and take advantage of exclusive U.S. Apple deals and prices that are only available to U.S. shoppers.

Learn how to shop online at the official Apple U.S. site here.

Got more questions? Need more info?

What are the benefits of using US Personal Shopper Service?

There are many benefits to using US Personal Shopper Service, including:

  • Convenience: You don't have to worry about navigating US stores or shipping restrictions.

  • Expertise: Our US Personal Shoppers are experts in US shopping. They know the best stores, the best deals, and the best ways to get products shipped internationally.

  • Peace of mind: You can rest assured that your purchases will be handled with care. Our US Personal Shopper team will keep you updated on the status of your orders, and they will make sure that the products arrive safely.

What are the costs of using the US Personal Shopper Service?

There are two fees associated with using US Personal Shopper Service: a service fee and a shipping fee.


The service fee is a percentage of the total cost of your order, and the shipping fee is based on the weight or dimensions and destination of your package.

Do you charge a membership fee for signing up?

No, we do not charge membership fee. What's more, once you've signed up, you have access to a host of premium services free of charge.

To start with your U.S. shopping through the U.S. Personal Shopper Service, start by signing up for a free account.


Takes less than a minute!

What stores can I shop from with the US Personal Shopper Service?

With a US Personal Shopper, you can shop on almost all U.S. shopping websites. We can shop from most US stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Macy's. We can also shop from smaller, independent stores and designer brands.

We do however, restrict shopping on some websites that are deemed fraudulent or unsecured to protect our members.

Check out our blog, Life in Style, for some inspo!

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