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Shop in the USA with Ease and Confidence through Our US Personal Shopper Service -


Simple, Secure, and Stress-Free!

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With Ease

How to shop in the U.S. with the US Personal Shopper Service

No credit card? Paying by bank or wire transfer? No problem! 

Your U.S. Personal Shopper will purchase the item for you whenever you face any restrictions shopping directly on a U.S. online store.

Enjoy shopping in the U.S. with your very own U.S. Personal Shopper.

How It Works

The U.S. Personal Shopper Service is the easiest way to shop in the U.S. for shoppers abroad

At US Shipping Express, you have access to the best U.S. Personal Shopper Service in the U.S. Experience a one-to-one premium personal shopping concierge in the United States dedicated to international shoppers worldwide. 

The U.S. Personal Shopper Service by US Shipping Express is available 24/7 to help you work past any restrictions you may face while shopping on U.S. shopping sites.  

Top reasons you should shop in the U.S. with our U.S. Personal Shopper service

Shopping in the U.S. from abroad can be frustrating and time-consuming. International shoppers face several restrictions when shopping online on U.S. shopping sites. While, many encounter online scams or fraudulent websites and lose hundreds of dollars in online theft.


When you shop in the U.S. through our U.S. Personal Shopper Service we help you work past any restrictions you may face on U.S. shopping. More importantly, our U.S. Personal Shopper Service works hard to protect you and your money from imposter scams and fraudulent websites.

Make your shopping in USA safe and hassle-free with our U.S. Personal Shopper Service. 

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Convenient Ways to Pay

Many U.S. stores, especially luxury brands, do not accept international credit cards or any other international forms of payment.


Through our U.S. Personal Shopper service you can pay with a non-U.S. credit cards or pay through wire or bank transfer.

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U.S. Shopping & Customer Support Available 24/7

With our U.S. Personal Shopper service, you won’t have to miss any clearance sales, limited stocks or latest releases exclusive only in the U.S.  

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Additional Services at No Extra Cost

Our U.S. Personal Shopper service comes with a whole lot of perks for your convenience - free repacking, storage for up to 30 days, return services and more.

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Access Shopping through Online, Phone or In-Store Pick-Up

When an item you want in a certain size or color is available only in physical stores, our U.S. Personal Shopper service offers shopping online, by phone or in-store pick-up.


White-Glove, Personal Service

U.S. Shipping Express is known for its exceptional customer support and reliability, and our services in U.S. personal shopping is no different.

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Access to U.S. International & U.S. Domestic Shipping

We ship your U.S. shopping items direct from the U.S. to over 200 countries worldwide. We also offer domestic shipping within the U.S. 

US Personal Shopper

Quick, easy guide to shopping in the U.S. with the U.S. Personal Shopper Service

Here's a quick and easy guide on how to shop in the U.S. with the U.S. Personal Shopper Service.


Plus, if you need a little more info, here's an even in-depth step-by-step guide.

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With your free account, you get your very own US Shipping Express address and access to the U.S. Personal Shopper Service exclusive to our members.  

Creating your account takes less than a minute!


Sign up for a free US Shipping Express account here.

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Confirm Your U.S. Personal Shopper Request

Our U.S. Personal Shopper Service team will send you an email with the invoice of your requested items, including applicable service fees and ways to pay.  


You can either confirm your U.S. Personal Shopper request or cancel your request at this stage.  

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You've waited long enough - we know!


One of the best feelings is receiving the package from the U.S. that you have been waiting for. 


We provide door delivery to most countries, and we work hard to get your package delivered to your door.