You shop in the U.S.
We deliver to you in U.A.E.

Easy, fun shopping in the U.S. from United Arab Emirates with our U.S. Personal Shopper or with a free U.S. Address for international shipping

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The answer to U.S. online shopping with international shipping to the U.A.E.
Easy. Hassle-free.

U.S. online shopping to United Arab Emirates. to your heart's desire! Here's how to shop at U.S. online stores and ship from the U.S. to your door UAE


How to Shop at U.S. Online Stores and Ship to United Arab Emirates

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Shop with a U.S. Personal Shopper

Enjoy international shopping in the U.S. from the comfort of your home in the United Arab Emirates. Dedicated to your U.S. shopping needs, our U.S. Personal Shopper service is available to shop for you 24/7. 


It's the most convenient way for you to shop in the U.S. from the UAE with international shipping.

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Shop with a U.S. Address

The answer to your online shopping in the U.S. with international shipping to United Arab Emirates.


Our U.S. address is free and equipped with an international package forwarding service so you can enjoy shopping on U.S. shopping sites  - just like being in the U.S.

Our members love us for our white-glove, personal service.

And you will too.
But it doesn't end there. Discover ways we support you and your business.

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With US Shipping Express, I always have peace of mind.

I am so happy I switched to US Shipping Express!

I used another global package forwarding and shipping company before and they lost a lot of my shopping items in their warehouse.


With US Shipping Express, I know my packages are safe and I always have peace of mind.

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You only pay for shipping.

Plain & simple.

No hidden fees. No ridiculous service fees.


Unless you requested additional services, you only pay for the international shipping from the U.S. to United Arab Emirates


No unnecessary charges.*

*Shipping rates are exclusive of handling and applicable UAE customs duties and taxes. 

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How much is the shipping from the USA to U.A.E.

Pick your carrier of choice based on your shipping needs

Need to receive a package urgently? Choose 1-3 days delivery through FedEx Priority. 


Not in a hurry and looking for a more cost-effective shipping rate from the U.S. to UAE? Choose between Aramex or DHL.

Here, you are spoiled for choice.

Delivery: 15-21 days
Delivery: 4-15 days
Delivery: 4-5 days
Delivery: 1-3 days


Save More

Our Package Consolidation Service saves you up to 75% off international shipping costs when you consolidate multiple packages to one shipment.  

U.S. Shopping Sites
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You deserve more than just a low-cost service.

We value the trust you give us.


As a trusted, premium U.S. shopping and international shipping partner, we are the go-to for shoppers worldwide who choose best-in-class customer experience more than low-priced services.

Plus, enjoy perks you won't find anywhere else:

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No membership fees ever, or surprise, hidden service fees

US shipping to more than 200

Ships from the U.S. to more than 200 countries

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