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Save Up To 75% Off 
International Shipping

Shop from multiple U.S. online sites, consolidate packages and get even bigger savings on overall shipping costs

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Because we like you . . . a lot
We want you to have fun shopping to your heart's content so to help you save even more, our package consolidation service is free. Yes, free.

+ Buy from several U.S. online shopping sites, and we'll combine multiple packages into one larger shipment to reduce shipping cost 

+ Ship when you are ready, you can store packages for up to 35 days at no extra cost. Additional storage days available for a fee if you need.

+ Reduce overall U.S. international shipping costs by combining multiple packages into one larger shipment 

Our customers love us for our white-glove, personal service.

And you will too.
But it doesn't end there. Discover ways we make U.S. international shopping easy and accessible for you.

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With US Shipping Express,
I know I am getting my money's worth.

I am happy to pay extra if the service is really good and they don't give me headaches. With US Shipping Express, I know I am getting my money's worth. Excellent service all the time!

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Hey, here are some resources to help you have a fun, hassle-free international shopping experience in the U.S.

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