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How to shop in the U.S. and ship internationally

The answer to shopping on online U.S. stores that ship internationally.


Shop for your favorite American brands and U.S. products. Access the latest and the most exclusive U.S. releases.


International U.S. shipping with door delivery from the U.S. to more than 200 countries around the world.

Easy. Safe. Hassle-free.


Shop in the U.S. with a US Personal Shopper

The easiest and most convenient way to shop on online U.S. stores and ship internationally.

Get your own U.S. Personal Shopper - available 24/7 to you for online U.S. shopping or in-store pick up. 

Shop in the U.S. with a US Shipping Address

A U.S. shipping address allows international shoppers around the globe to shop online on U.S. stores and ship internationally.

With a U.S. shipping address, you can enjoy shopping online on thousands of U.S. shopping sites and ship internationally from the U.S. to more than 200 countries worldwide.


You Deserve More Than Just A Low-Cost Service

US Shipping Express is known for its consistently reliable U.S. shopping with international shipping service, and exceptional customer support.

Our members love us for our white-glove, personal service. Believe us, you will too.

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I value good customer service than affordability.

US Shipping Express shipping rates come with excellent customer service.

And I value that more than affordability but with a poor service.

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Get perks you won't find anywhere else

Are you ready to be pampered with personal attention and exceptional customer service?

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No membership fees ever, or hidden service fees

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More convenient ways to pay

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Door delivery to major cities and territories

24/7 human chat support on Instagram & Whatsapp

24/7 human chat support on Instagram & WhatsApp

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Customs clearance support at no extra service fee

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Safe, secured warehouse with fast processing

US shipping to more than 200

Ships from the U.S. to more than 200 countries

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Free package consolidation service

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And, we don't charge you extra for repacking, consolidation fee per package, receiving packages to your U.S. address

Let the experts handle your international U.S. shipping needs 

Cross-border shipping can be stressful and hard to predict, but with US Shipping Express you have support from purchase to door delivery.

Access exclusive U.S. international shipping rates and global package forwarding to more than 200 countries worldwide.


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