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U.S. Shopping with the
U.S. Personal Shopper Service

Easy & Hassle-free U.S. Shopping with International Shipping

Available 24/7, the U.S. Personal Shopper Service shops for online shopping and in-store pick up

Personal Shopper How to

Shop in the U.S. and ship worldwide with the US Personal Shopper

The U.S. Personal Shopper Service is available to help you work past any restrictions international shoppers face while shopping on U.S. sites. 


Some examples of restrictions you may face: 1. International credit cards are not accepted; 2. Online U.S. shopping sites do not accept bank/wire transfers or money orders; or 3. When an item you want, in a certain size or color, is available in physical stores only.


With the US Personal Shopper Service by US Shipping Express, you won't have to miss clearance sales or latest releases exclusively available only to U.S. shoppers.

Step-by-step guide to U.S. shopping through the US Personal Shopper


Sign Up & Create A Free Account

Quick and easy - creating your free account takes less than a minute!  Best of all, it's free. No membership fees.  No monthly fees.


You only pay for the US Personal Shopper Service Fees and shipping*, straight and simple.  


Sign up here.


*Exclusive of Country Customs Fees and Handling Fees


When To Use Your US Personal Shopper