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You shop in the U.S.
We deliver to you in Singapore

Easy. Secure. Hassle-free.

How to shop in the U.S. to Singapore

US Shipping Express gives shoppers in Singapore two ways to shop in the U.S. ​

US Personal Shopper
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Enjoy an all-American premium U.S. shopping experience with international shipping to Singapore.

The U.S. Personal Shopper service is available to shop for you in the U.S. and ship your U.S. shopping from the U.S. to Singapore.


It's the most convenient way for you to shop in the U.S. from Singapore - anytime.

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The answer to online shopping in the U.S. with international shipping to Singapore.


Get a free U.S. address with exclusive access to international package forwarding from the U.S. to Singapore.


Enjoy shopping for American brands on the most popular U.S. online shopping sites and U.S. outlet stores - just like being in the U.S.

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US Shipping Address

You deserve more than just a low-cost service 

US Shipping Express is known for its consistently reliable U.S. shopping and international shipping service with exceptional customer support.

Our members love us for our white-glove, personal service. Believe us, you will too.

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Got my package today! I got my mom a Mother's Day gift and it came on time. Thank you US Shipping Express.


Please give my thanks to your member support team, especially to Kevin!

Emma, Singapore