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Shop Pantry supplies in the U.S. WHILE IN Philippines

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

US Shipping Express helps international shoppers from Philippines shop on U.S. sites at affordable and easy ways. See how easy shopping in the U.S. is and how much one can save when buying direct on U.S. sites vs your local stores.

Shopping in the U.S. is not limited to hand bags, footwear, clothing, skin care or make ups only! With your own US Shipping Express address, you can even shop for your monthly pantry supplies in the U.S. even if you are in the Philippines. Just remember limit your shopping to pantry supplies only, meaning non-perishable food items. And to save more, send heavy items to Philippines through sea cargo - this saves you not only on grocery shopping but also on international shipping! And please remember, restrictions still apply!

Here are some supermarket chains WE SUGGEST WHERE you can shop at for your monthly grocery supplies:

Shop pantry supplies in the U.S. while in Philippines
Shop pantry supplies in the U.S. while in Philippines

Our top choice! If you are looking for a supermarket where you can find almost everything at low prices - Walmart is your first go-to! Walmart has grocery items, as well as clothing, footwear, health and supplements, beauty and make ups, skin care, toys and gadgets. YES! All in one place. Head over to Walmart and start shopping!

It's hard not to love Target! We always end up buying more than what we came in for! Target is one of the largest retailers in the United States. You'll find lots of essentials here - from pantry supplies, home and furnitures, clothing, footwear, beauty, personal care, make ups, party supplies to electronics, school and office supplies and baby supplies.

Costco, is available for United States residents only since Costco is a member only retail chain. But, through our US Personal Shopper, you can also shop at Costco and enjoy great savings on bulk supplies. Ask us today how you can avail of our US Personal Shopper service, email us at

Amazon is the go-to for everything. Amazon also offers a wide selection of food from every part of the United States and beyond. Plus, you can also shop on Amazon's supermarket chain, Whole Foods Market, from the same website.

If you are looking for health and wellness supplies, head over to Walgreens. They offer special deals like discounts, buy-one-get-one or clearance sales several times a year.


If you already received your US Shipping Express address, you're ready to shop!

If you still don't know how you can shop in the U.S. from Philippines, here's a quick how to. Or if you don't have your U.S. address yet, sign up here free.


Always check the retail sites to check for sale details, validity and restrictions. We cannot guarantee prices, until when these sales will run or sale details.


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