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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

US Shipping Express helps international shoppers from Philippines shop on U.S. sites at affordable and easy ways. See how easy shopping in the U.S. is and how much one can save when buying direct on U.S. sites vs abroad.

On this #NationalChocolateDay score some online deals on chocolates across U.S. sites:

Happy National Chocolate Day
Happy National Chocolate Day

Buy one, get one 50% off halloween themed candies and chocolates at Target!

Annual candy sale, spend $25 and get 25% off on candies and chocolates at Amazon!

Shop premium chocolates at Godiva and enjoy great deals on Halloween themed treats!


If you already received your US Shipping Express address, you're ready to shop!

If you still don't know how you can shop in the U.S. from Philippines, here's a quick how to. Or if you don't have your U.S. address yet, sign up here free.


Always check the retail sites to check for sale details, validity and restrictions. We cannot guarantee prices, until when these sales will run or sale details.


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