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How to Shop on Online Shopping Stores in U.S. with a U.S. Address

And Ship Internationally to You in Over 200 Countries Worldwide

We're pretty sure, you've come across this problem. You wanted to shop online in USA but most US shopping sites do not ship internationally to countries outside the U.S.

That's easy! We can help you with that. We give you a free US Shipping Express address. You can use your US Shipping Express address as your shipping or delivery address in the U.S.

With a US Shipping Express address, now you can enjoy and do your own online shopping on most US shopping sites - just like being in the US! This is where you can sign up for a US Shipping Express address.

The U.S. shopping site will ship your shopping to your US Shipping Express address, BTW, our warehouse. Once we have your shopping at the warehouse, we ship your shopping to you in over 200 countries worldwide. See the step by step guide here.

That's how easy it is to shop online on US shopping sites with US Shipping Express. And you only pay for shipping. No membership fees. See our international shipping rates here.

Pro Tip:

>> Consolidate

When you want to shop on multiple U.S. sites, we recommend consolidating your packages into a single package. Consolidating your packages from multiple U.S. sites will help save you up to 75% off on international shipping. Package consolidation is free to US Shipping Express members. Some customs restrictions may apply based on country of destination.

>> Best Online Shopping Websites

With a US Shipping Express address, you can shop on thousand and thousand of online U.S. sites, like, Walmart, Target, Kate Spade, Nordstrom, Tommy Hilfiger, Macy's, Best Buy and a lot more. If you don't know where to start, our US Shipping Express Blog is a good place to start.

>> US Personal Shopper Service

Use our US Personal Shopper Service when the U.S. shopping site does not accept non-US credit or debit cards or does not ship to freight forwarders. Here's the step by step guide.



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