What Our Members in Netherlands Will Tell You About Us

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I always use US Shipping Express to ship my purchases from US to ship to me in Netherlands. They are fast and reliable. I didn't experience anything negative on their services. 

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I am truly thankful for US Shipping Express! They make my life easy. I am an online seller and I purchase mostly makeups and skincare in the US.

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I buy my clothes and handbags in USA. There are so many stuffs that we can just only find in the United States. US Shipping Express is my go-to shipping from USA to Netherlands - all the time!

I buy my clothes and handbags in the U.S. But there are so many USA stores that don't ship to Europe. 


US Shipping Express is my go-to shipping company from the USA to the Netherlands - all the time!


... Essential moto safety parts - frame and spindle sliders, oil and radiator guards - individually packed, shipped and delivered at our doorstep by US Shipping Express!


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US Shipping Express has a very fair shipping price structure. They may not be the cheapest, but their shipping rates come with excellent customer service. 


I value that more than affordability but unsatisfactory service.