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  • Fashion with a Heartbeat: Top 10 Brands Advocating for Breast Cancer Awareness

    When October rolls around, the tapestry of fall isn't just golden leaves and pumpkin-spiced nuances; it's also painted in powerful pink strokes, symbolizing the relentless battle against breast cancer. As a seasoned US-based team of personal shoppers, we've always believed that fashion is not just about dressing up but also about standing up for causes that deeply matter. And what better cause than the fight against breast cancer? With a plethora of fashion moguls blending style with purpose, here's a deep dive into ten of the industry's giants making waves in this mission. Fashion Champions in the Breast Cancer Crusade: 1. Ralph Lauren: The Pink Pony campaign, a beacon of their philanthropy since 2000, has generated an awe-inspiring $50 million. This October, the Pink Pony collection melds haute couture with heart. Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren 2. Estée Lauder: Commanding respect not just for their beauty products but also for their $1 billion+ contribution since 1992 via their Breast Cancer Campaign. The Pink Ribbon collection this year promises both allure and advocacy. Photo Credit: Estee Lauder 3. Clinique: Having raised over $100 million with their Pink Ribbon initiative since 2001, their 2023 line is set to be both chic and charitable. Photo Credit: Clinique 4. David Yurman: The Cable Collectibles Breast Cancer Awareness Collection seamlessly intertwines luxury with charity, supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Photo Credit: David Yurman 5. Jimmy Choo: Beyond the stiletto shine, their Love Collection dedicates a portion of its proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Photo Credit: Jimmy Choo 6. Kendra Scott: Fashion meets philanthropy with the Kendra Cares collection, channeling funds to a plethora of breast cancer charities. Photo Credit: Kendra Scott 7. Victoria's Secret: The iconic Pink collection, while epitomizing elegance, also backs the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret 8. Macy's: With over $100 million amassed via their Believe in the Cure campaign since 2009, Macy's weaves fashion with hope. Photo Credit: Macy's 9. Bloomingdale's: $30 million and counting since 2013 via The Pink Agenda campaign, merging contemporary style with a conscience. Photo Credit: Bloomingdale's 10. Kohl's: While the Kohl's Cares campaign encompasses a broader charitable horizon, its dedication to breast cancer awareness warrants our applause. Photo Credit: Kohl's Tips to Showcase Your Pink Spirit: Eternal Charm: Think pink or white tops juxtaposed with jeans or skirts - an ageless combo. Accentuate with Accessories: Pepper your look with pink – scarves, necklaces, or earrings add a dash of advocacy. Wear it, Flaunt it: A pink ribbon pin isn't just an accessory; it's a declaration of solidarity. Craft Your Ensemble: Combine brands to curate a style that's uniquely you, all while championing the cause. Every item you add to your cart isn't just a piece of attire; it's a piece of hope, advocacy, and support. The runway to a cure for breast cancer is long, but with each purchase, we pave another section. So, this October, make your wardrobe count. Dress in vogue, stand in valor, and let's paint the world in shades of hope and pink. 🎗️💓

  • US Luxury Fashion Unveiled: The Global Shopper's Essential Guide to Online Splurge

    Navigating the world of luxury fashion can be a daunting task, especially when you're shopping internationally. However, with the help of a personal shopper, international fashion enthusiasts can easily explore some of the most trending luxury fashion online sites in the US. If you're on the hunt for the crème de la crème of fashion, this guide is just for you! 1. Net-a-Porter As a beacon of luxury fashion, Net-a-Porter is a must-visit. Boasting an exquisite collection from over 800 brands, this global e-tailer is perfect for those seeking the finest clothes, shoes, and accessories. And guess what? They make international shopping a breeze with worldwide shipping, easy returns, and multiple payment options. Photo Credit: Net-a-Porter 2. Farfetch For those who crave variety, Farfetch is a global marketplace connecting you to over 1,300 boutiques. From the latest trends to unique vintage items, it's a hub for luxury fashion. Their international shipping and return policies further ensure a hassle-free shopping experience. Photo Credit: Farfetch 3. Mytheresa Originating from Germany, Mytheresa is a luxury fashion stronghold, presenting pieces from over 200 elite brands. International shoppers will appreciate the straightforward shipping and return procedures, along with diverse payment methods. Photo Credit: Mytheresa 4. MatchesFashion For the style connoisseurs, MatchesFashion from Britain is a goldmine. Showcasing over 450 premium brands, this e-tailer promises a vast range of sartorial choices. Plus, their international shipping and payment facilities make shopping seamless. Photo Credit: MatchesFashion 5. Moda Operandi Ever wished to snag runway pieces before they hit the stores? Moda Operandi makes it possible! This platform allows for pre-ordering directly from runway collections, catering to the true fashion forward. Photo Credit: Moda Operandi Brand-Specific Luxury Sites: While the aforementioned platforms offer a broad spectrum of brands, there are dedicated online boutiques for those loyal to specific luxury labels: - Hermès: Dive into the Parisian charm with the official Hermès store. From iconic bags to chic apparel, it's all here. Photo Credit: Hermès - Chanel: Embrace elegance with Chanel's online store. Whether it's their timeless handbags or couture, it's a realm of luxury. Photo Credit: Chanel - Louis Vuitton: Explore the world of LV at their official site. Luggage, apparel, accessories – it’s a treat for the fashionista. Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton - Gucci: Delve into the Italian grandeur with Gucci’s e-store. Modern or classic, there’s something for everyone. Photo Credit: Gucci - Prada: Experience the epitome of Italian sophistication at Prada's online boutique. A paradise for luxury enthusiasts. Photo Credit: International shoppers seeking the finest fashion pieces are spoilt for choice in the US online luxury market. With the assistance of a personal shopper, your dream wardrobe is just a click away. Remember to always check for custom duties and taxes when shopping internationally. Happy luxury shopping!

  • Top 10 US Online Clothing Brands for Global Fashionistas: Essential Tips & Trusted Shopping Guide

    Are you an international shopper craving to shop the trendiest US fashion? If yes, then we've got you covered! Dive into our definitive guide on the top online clothing stores in the US, why they're worth your attention, and tips on shopping seamlessly from them. Top 10 US Online Clothing Sites: Shein - The one-stop destination for the fashion-forward, Shein boasts of trendy and budget-friendly collections. Notable sub-brands include ROMWE, SHEIN BASICS, and EMERY ROSE. Photo Credit: Shein Nike - A world-renowned sports apparel brand, Nike promises quality, style, and innovation. Their notable sub-brands include Jordan, Converse, and Nike Running. Photo Credit: Nike H&M - Your Swedish fashion haven, H&M mixes trend, variety, and sustainability. Explore their sub-brands like H&M Divided and H&M Conscious. Photo Credit: H&M Zara - Spanish fast-fashion giant Zara brings fresh collections frequently, promising something new every visit. Key sub-brands include Zara TRF and Zara Beauty. Photo Credit: Zara Amazon Fashion - From affordable to luxury, Amazon Fashion offers a broad spectrum of brands and styles, including top brands like Levi's and Adidas. Photo Credit: Amazon Nordstrom - A symbol of luxury and top-notch service, Nordstrom features both high-end brands like Topshop and affordable gems like BP. Photo Credit: Nordstrom ASOS - This UK-based retailer is famed for its inclusive sizes and edgy fashion. Top brands to explore include ASOS Design and Missguided. Photo Credit: Asos Forever 21 - The youth's favorite, Forever 21 offers a plethora of trendy styles. Dive into their sub-brands like Forever 21 Plus and Forever 21 Active. Photo Credit: Forever 21 American Eagle Outfitters - Ideal for those seeking a unique and relaxed style. Photo Credit: American Eagle Outfitters Urban Outfitters - Contemporary and chic, Urban Outfitters is for the urban trendsetter. Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters Why Shop From These Sites? Variety: Ranging from athletic to fast fashion, these sites cover all your style needs. Reputation: These brands are renowned for quality and commendable customer service. Price Points: Whether you're shopping on a budget or willing to splurge, they cater to all. Essential Tips for International Shoppers: Shipping: Always check if the website ships to your country. Look out for free shipping thresholds. Customs & Duties: Factor in potential customs duties and import taxes. Sizing: Size charts can vary across brands; always double-check before purchasing. Returns: Familiarize yourself with return policies, especially for international orders. The Magic of a US-based Personal Shopper: If you're overwhelmed by the plethora of options, or nervous about international shipping, consider a US-based personal shopper service. Advantages: Saves Time: Your personal shopper will handle all the intricacies of your purchase. Product Authenticity: They help you ensure product authenticity, especially important when shopping from overseas. Avoiding International Scams: They help you avoid scams by shopping securely and spotting fake websites. With countless stylish options, shopping from US online clothing sites is a dream for international fashion enthusiasts. And with the right strategies or even a personal shopper's assistance, it's a breeze to fill your wardrobe with the latest US trends. Happy shopping!

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  • US Shipping Express | Shop US Online Retailers from Anywhere in the World

    Countries We Ship To Shop your favorite U.S. brands from anywhere in the world. We ship to 200+ countries & territories serving businesses and consumers worldwide. Your Door to the World of US Personal Shopping US Shipping Express unlocks the world of US retail for international shoppers with its US personal shopping and international shipping services from the US. US Personal Shopper US International Shipping Country Info FAQ Shop US Products from Anywhere in the World with US Personal Shopper Service US Personal Shopper Service is a convenient, safe, and easy way for international shoppers to buy products from the United States. Our team of experts will help you find the products you want, purchase them, and ship them directly to your door anywhere in the world. ​ Learn more. US Personal Shopper US Global Shipping Service: Shop US Online Retailers from Anywhere in the World US Global Shipping is a service that allows international shoppers to shop from US online retailers and have their purchases shipped directly to their door, anywhere in the world. We offer a variety of services, including: consolidation, repacking, customs clearance, storage and warehousing, and worldwide delivery. ​ Learn more. Intenational Shipping Shop from US Retailers and Ship to 200+ Countries & Teritorries US Shipping Express ships to over 200 countries worldwide, so you can shop from US retailers and have your purchases shipped directly to your door, no matter where you live. Country Info Country Information ASIA PACIFIC Australia Brunei Hong Kong India Indonesia Malaysia New Zealand Philippines Singapore South Korea THE AMERICAS Brazil Canada Colombia Mexico GET STARTED + EUROPE Germany Hungary Italy Netherlands Portugal Switzerland United Kingdom MIDDLE EAST Israel Kuwait Lebanon Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates FAQ Frequently Asked Questions What is US Shipping Express US Shipping Express is a trusted U.S. company that specializes in cross-border shipping and US personal shopping . US Shipping Express offers a variety of services to make it easy and accessible for shoppers to shop from U.S. stores and have their purchases delivered to their door, no matter where they are in the world. What is the cost of shipping with US Shipping Express The cost of shipping with US Shipping Express varies depending on the weight and size of your package, as well as the destination country. Check out Country Information on this page. What is the shipping timeframe for international orders Shipping times for international orders may vary based on your location and the selected shipping method. US Shipping Express offers a variety of shipping methods, including express, standard, and economy based on your needs and urgency. US Shipping Express prioritizes timely delivery and provide tracking information for your convenience. Are there any additional fees apart from the product cost and shipping charges In addition to product and shipping fees, customs duties, taxes, and other charges may apply based on your country's regulations. Check with local authorities for the latest updates, as regulations often change. US Shipping Express aims to provide up-to-date information, but it may not always be current. What stores can I shop from with the US Personal Shopper Service? With a US Personal Shopper, you can shop on almost all U.S. shopping websites. We can shop from most US stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Macy's. We can also shop from smaller, independent stores and designer brands. ​ We do however, restrict shopping on some websites that are deemed fraudulent or unsecured to protect our members. ​ Check out our blog, Life in Style , for some inspo! What is the US Personal Shopper Service The US Personal Shopper is a service that allows you to shop from US stores and have your purchases delivered to your door, no matter where you are in the world. The U.S. Personal Shopper provides convenience, security, and expertise when shopping in the U.S. Check here for more information on the U.S. Personal Shopper service. What services does US Shipping Express offer US Shipping Express offers a wide range of services to international shoppers, including: ​ Personal shopping: US Shipping Express has a team of experienced shoppers who can help you find and purchase products from US stores. International shipping from US: US Shipping Express ships your purchases to your home country using a variety of shipping methods, including express, standard, and economy. Warehousing: If you need to store your purchases before shipping them, US Shipping Express can provide you with a secure warehouse facility. Consolidation: US Shipping Express offers consolidation services. This means US Shipping Express will combine your orders from multiple stores into one shipment, which can save you money on shipping costs. Repacking: US Shipping Express also handles the consolidation, packing and shipping of your products, so you can rest assured that they will arrive safely. Customs clearance: US Shipping Express handles customs clearance for you, so you don't have to worry about customs regulations or paying for fees or taxes upon delivery. Returns: If you are not satisfied with your purchases, US Shipping Express can help you return them to the store. Charges may apply where applicable. Customer service: US Shipping Express has a dedicated customer service team that is available to help you with any questions or problems you may have. They are available 24/7, so you can always reach them when you need help. ​ Do you charge a membership fee for signing up? No, we do not charge membership fee. What's more, once you've signed up, you have access to a host of premium services free of charge. ​ To start with your U.S. shopping through the U.S. Personal Shopper Service, start by signing up for a free account . Takes less than a minute! Create your US Shipping Express account now. What are the shipping restrictions There are some shipping restrictions that apply to certain items. For example, US Shipping Express cannot ship alcohol, tobacco, or other prohibited items. Please see the International Shipping Regulations page for a complete list of prohibited items. Got more questions? Need more info? Find more answers to your questions on our FAQ page. We are here for you . Easy ways to connect with us. Get the help you need. EMAIL US ​ Please expect 12-24 hours respons e tim e CHAT WITH US +1 415 760 2780 WhatsApp & Viber, limited to chat only FOLLOW US ​ 24/7 chat support on IG BACK TO TOP

  • Philippine Customs & Importation Regulations I U.S. Shopping to Philippines I Shipping From USA to Philippines

    Philippines Import Tax & Custom Fees Philippines Home Restricted Items Prohibited Items Regulations By Carrier FAQ What can I ship to the Philippines from the U.S. Here's a quick reference to guide you on shipping internationally from the U.S. to the Philippines ​ When shopping in the U.S. to the Philippines keep in mind that shipping laws and regulations vary based on U.S. Export Regulations, carrier regulations, international shipping regulations, and the Philippines customs and import regulations. This is not a complete list of goods subject to import prohibitions and restrictions to the Philippines. For a complete list, please visit the Philippines Department of Trade Industry . You can also connect with us here .​ Prohibited Items These are goods and commodities that are strictly prohibited or forbidden to be exported from the U.S. to any destination country or territory, and prohibited or forbidden to be imported into Australia. READ MORE + Restricted Items These are items with restrictions or allowed to be exported from the U.S. to Australia but only under certain conditions and must abide by specific mandates. ​ READ MORE + Restricted Items Items with restrictions or allowed under certain conditions MAXIMUM PACKAGE VALUE PER PACKAGE FOR PERSONAL SHIPMENT Personal packages shipped through LBC should not exceed the package value of $500. The package should also adhere to the maximum allowed number limit per category. Suppose the package value exceeds $500 or exceeds the item limit per category defined by LBC, our team will automatically split your shipment into two or multiple packages. A package with a value above $500 or exceeds the item limit per category will be processed as commercial shipment and subject to commercial service fees and Philippines customs commercial duties and tax. For other carriers - Aramex, DHL, FedEx, and UPS - shipments with package value above $200 are subject to the Philippines customs duties and tax. Customs fees depend on the item or package value. ITEMS WITH A QUANTITY OF 5 PIECES LIMIT PER PACKAGE WHEN SHIPPING WITH LBC The following items are limited to a maximum limit of 5 pieces per package only, including but not limited to: Watches Leather goods Handbags Wallets Shoes Luxury Branded Clothing - Coach, MK, Gucci, and the likes Luxury Branded Belts - Coach, MK, Gucci, and the likes And any other similar items ​ ​ The items above will be packed or consolidated at the maximum quantity limit per package. We will only process five pieces per item classification per shipment. For example, we can pack five watches, five handbags, and five shoes in one package - as long as the package value is under US$500 if you choose to ship through LBC and under $200 with other carriers. ​ We will automatically split your shipment into two or multiple packages, whichever is applicable, if the package value is more than $US500 or items exceed the allowed maximum quantity limit per package. ELECTRONICS All electronic items are limited to two pieces per shipment per electronic classification, that is 2 pieces of laptop, 2 pieces of smartphones, 2 pieces of tablets, and the likes. All electronics are subject to the Philippine Bureau of Customs duties and taxes, please email for duties and tax fees. VEHICLE & MOTORCYCLE PARTS Vehicle and motorcycle parts and accessories are subject to the Philippine Bureau of Customs duties and taxes. PERFUMES, MISTS & OTHER INFLAMMABLE ITEMS Flammable items, pressurized cans, and aerosol can products - including but not limited to: hairspray, paint spray can, perfumes, mists - are restricted by sea cargo or by air through FedEx only. SPECIALIZED SIZE & WEIGHT Any item or package that exceeds 48 inches (any side) and weighs 75 pounds is subject to the Philippine Bureau of Customs duties and taxes and special handling fee. LBC Category Limit Prohibited Items Strictly Forbidden or Prohibited Items in the Philippines Hazardous & dangerous goods - including but not limited to corrosive, toxic, gasoline, motor oil, fluid or other substances, chemical and industrial chemicals, etc ​​ Agriculture, fertilizer, and produces - including but not limited to: live or dead plants, animals, seeds, animal products, furs or carpet made of animal skin, human blood and specimen samples, etc ​​ Combustible, flammable items - including but not limited to gasoline, paints, explosives, etc ​​ Pressurized cans, aerosol can products - including but not limited to: hairspray, paint spray can, etc ​ Packages that are wet, leaking or emit an odor of any kind ​​ Firearms, firearms parts and accessories - including but not limited to: ammunition, gun, knives, scopes, military weapons & accessories, night vision goggles, etc ​​ Monetary items - including but not limited to: cash, coins, credit/debit/ATM card, passbook, precious stones, cash precious metal, etc ​​ Drugs - including but not limited to: recreational drugs prescription drugs, illegal drugs and narcotics, cannabis in any form, etc ​​ Pornographic items - including but not limited to: pornography magazines, DVD, adult toys, etc ​​ Poisonous products and infectious substances ​​ Certain restricted items like perfume or tobacco products can be shipped subject to specific country's import restrictions. Counterfeit or pirated goods or materials ​​ Alcohol or alcoholic beverages exceeding 2 bottles ​​ Perishable goods that require refrigeration ​​ Stand-alone Lithium-ion battery Carrier Shipping Regulations from the U.S. to the Philippines Carriers have different lists of prohibitions and restrictions per country on destination. You can find the links to our Carrier Partners for Philippines below: Regulations By Carrier Hey there! Here are some resources to help you have a fun, hassle-free shopping experience in the U.S. from Philippines. Shop & Ship From the U.S. to Philippines Personal Solutions ​ International Shipping From U.S. to Philippines ​ U.S. Personal Shopper ​ U.S. Address ​ Global Package Forwarding ​ Philippines Customs & U.S. Shipping Regulations ​ FAQ ​ Country Information ​ ​ U.S. Trade & Business Solutions Business Solutions International Shipping From U.S. E-commerce Fulfillment Procurement Freight Consolidation Global Freight Forwarding Quick Guides Shop with the U.S. Personal Shopper Shop with a U.S. Address Shop at Coach Outlet USA Shop at Apple USA Book the U.S. Personal Shopper ​ Top U.S. Shopping Websites ​ Top U.S. Sales & Deals ​ International Shipping Regulations ​ BACK TO TOP

  • Shop in USA, Ship International I US Shipping Address I US Personal Shopper

    Frequently Asked Questions Hey, we're happy to answer your questions or help you with your concerns. ​ Let's Connect + Need help? Got a concern that is not mentioned here? We are here for you! BACK TO TOP

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